About us


We are convinced that we can improve the quality of our lives by maintaining adequate nutrition.

We have learned the techniques and inherited the knowledge of our ancestors; and using natural and nutritional raw materials, we have achieved our goal: to be a Nutritional, Integral and Functional Food company.

To do this, we research, innovate, develop and constantly refine our recipes, which we elaborate with high-quality raw materials to achieve optimum quality, delicious taste and nutritional balance of our products.
Tzoali Amaranth was the final result, offering a complete and innovative variety of cookies, bars, and cereals. Lottery cookies, sexy candies.

Our mission is to develop, produce and market products that contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through Tzoali Amaranth.

We have created a knowledge network with nutritionists and highly trained personnel who advise and control our production process to achieve high quality and confidence in our products, providing delicious food available to all. At the same time meet the expectations of quality and nutritional value of the consumer through Tzoali Amaranth.


Benefits of amaranth